Did you know? ’Canes Care for ’Canes promotes a caring community and campus resources that help students in need, since the Fall 2010.

Following the tragic death of Yardley Love, the University of Virginia community learned that many of her friends, lacrosse teammates, and other students know about the emotional and physical violence she was subjected to by her boyfriend, a fellow student. But no one stood up for her or said anything to get her connected to campus resources. A simple action of saying something, even anonymously, may have prevented her death. A community based on caring and responsibility can make a difference in the life of one person.

At UM, we seek to make each and every member of our community feel respected and welcome. We accomplish this together by caring, even in the smallest ways, for one another. If you take a moment to care about a classmate, friend, or a fellow 'Cane, you will make a difference in the life of another person. This is how we make a caring community at the University of Miami. 

What Would You Do For A Fellow ’Cane?

’Canes Care for ’Canes is a call to our community to look out and stand up for one another. Being a ’Cane means taking an active role in supporting each other. Helping a friend study for a test, encouraging them to call them to call the counseling center at 305-284-5511 if they want to talk to someone even at 3 am, and saying something even if you aren’t sure what to say are all things you can do for a fellow 'Cane.

If you are concerned about another student, please reach out. Complete our anonymous reporting form to get them connected to campus resources.

Come out to Canes Care programming and show how you care about a fellow ’Cane.

Starting the Fall of 2017, we will be highlighting Caring Canes on our facebook! If you witnessed a fellow 'Cane do something caring for fellow 'Cane, let us know!

Making a difference in the life of a fellow ’Cane starts today – with you!